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Residential - Apply for Service

Membership Certificate/ Application
An Application for Membership for Inter-County Energy may be downloaded for completion. Everyone who receives electrical service from Inter-County must pay a one-time, $50 membership fee. This form may be taken to either of Inter-County's offices together with money for the membership fee. If this form is not signed in the presence of an Inter-County Energy employee, the applicant's signature along with any additional authorized parties shall be notarized. 

Applying for Service and Deposits
The bottom portion of the membership application is a Certificate of Deposit. Deposits are sometimes necessary to protect the cooperative's revenue and comply with applicable regulations.  The deposit amount may be calculated using the member's average bill for the most recent 12 months period.  Deposits shall not exceed two-twelfth's (2/12) of the member's actual or estimated annual bill if bills are rendered monthly.  Deposits may be waived as follows:

  1. Upon the consumer's showing a payment history, either with Inter-County Energy or the previous major utility which satisfactorily meets these qualifications:

  2. No more than 2 delinquent notices in a 12-month period,

  3. No disconnects for nonpayment, and

  4. No returned checks.

  5. Federal, state or local governmental agencies (such as street & traffic lights, office building, schools, fire or rescue departments) may be exempted.

  6. A surviving spouse with favorable credit desiring to change a residential electric service to their name.

  7. A consumer who suffers a disaster such as fire or other catastrophe.

Inter-County Energy would like to give our member the opportunity to have our Member Handbook.  It contains a lot of information about your cooperative that can be useful as long as you are a member of Inter-County Energy.  Most of the information contained within this handbook can be found on our website or by calling our offices. 



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