Inter-County Energy is a non-profit corporation. The majority of money that is used to operate this business either comes from load funds (borrowed capital) or is generated from the sale of electricity to our member/owners (patronage capital). At the end of each year any margins, or net earnings, are divided among all members on the basis of their patronage during the year. For some large industrial members, their contribution to margins is also taken into consideration. These individual patronage distributions are referred to as Patronage Capital Credits.  To apply for Patronage Capital Credits

All Patronage Capital Credits through 1990 have already been returned to members in a general retirement. Presently, Patronage Capital Credits are only being paid to estates of deceased members. An application for the payment of Patronage Capital Credits may be downloaded for completion. This form may be taken to either of Inter-County's offices along with the deceased member/owner's social security number, date of death, and a court order specifying the person(s) handling the estate. If this form is not signed in the presence of an Inter-County employee, the applicant's signature should be notarized.