Current Vegetation Management News 

Presently, Inter-County Energy has contracted with Asplundh Tree Services to perform our tree-trimming Right-of-Way in the Murphy's Branch in Casey County. W.A. Kendall is in the Raywick area of Marion County.  

We are currently using Alcan to oversee the herbicide management services portion of our ROW program. They are currently working in Mercer County along the Hwy 127 corridor to Bellows Mill Road, south of Harrodsburg.


Both the tree-trimming and herbicide management crews will move throughout a certain area and be identified as contractors for Inter-County Energy.  Please call our offices at (859) 236-4561 with any questions or comments about our present vegetation management program.  The contractor vehicles will be properly marked and have signage that identifies them as one of our contractors.   

Inter-County Energy Cooperative maintains more than 4,000 miles of power lines to serve the members. This enormous task is hindered by the rapid growth of trees and other vegetation that can interfere with the proper operation of power lines or prevent access to the lines. When either occurs, the quality of service to the members is affected.  That is why Inter-County Energy Cooperative must keep rights-of-way clear of obstructions by following our Integrated Vegetation Management Program.

Right-of-Way Clearing is Necessary Keeping the power lines clear of trees and undergrowth is a year-round job for Inter-County Energy Cooperative. This maintenance program includes use of contract right-of-way crews and machinery for removing undergrowth beneath the lines, as well as the use of chemicals or herbicides.

If Your Trees Get in the Power Lines The high-voltage power lines that bring electric energy to the transformer pole are not insulated. When trees or other obstructions come in contact with these lines, the result can be outages or potential safety hazards. Report any evidence of tree limbs touching lines to Inter-County Energy Cooperative.  The cooperative will investigate and remove the tree limbs quickly or schedule the work for the right-of-way crew.

The service lines that deliver electric energy from the pole into the home are covered to protect them from damage. However, if tree limbs damage the wires or the covering is frayed or missing, please report it immediately so that Inter- County Energy Cooperative employees can make repairs or replacements.

When a tree makes contact with an overhead power line:

1. Power outages can result, affecting homes and businesses in the area.

2. The power line can be severely damaged by wind or falling trees and limbs.

3. The tree will conduct electric energy into the ground. This can be hazardous, as well as wasteful and costly.


Trade-A-Tree Program

Inter-County Energy Cooperative will cut and remove trees growing into the primary lines . Members are offered free replacement trees through our Trade-A-Tree Program. These trees will be of a variety that will cause no future problems in the lines and will be planted outside of the right-of-way. The Trade-A-Tree Program does not apply to trees growing in the service lines (line connecting the house to the primary lines) . Inter-County personnel will determine if the member qualifies for the program on a case-by-case basis.


Pole Inspections

In order to bring electric energy into the member’s home, Inter-County Energy Cooperative must maintain more than 45,000 poles to support the power lines. The cooperative inspects and treats each pole as part of a regular maintenance program to ensure the life of the pole (about 40 years) and the safety of the employees who must climb the poles.

Most poles are treated at the ground line to prevent decay. Pole inspectors must dig around each pole by hand to determine what treatment is needed.  Pole inspections require that cooperative employees occasionally be on the member’s property.

Our right-of-way contractors (ALCAN PPMC) are performing pole inspections near the Stanford and Broughtontown areas in Lincoln County.

Patience and understanding during these situations is appreciated.


The Key to Reliable Service and Tree Planting Guide

Right-of-way maintenance is an important part of Inter County Energy’s goal of providing reliable service, restoring power during outages, and helping to ensure the safety of our members and employees. Not only is maintaining right-of-way Inter-County’s goal, but also a requirement of the Kentucky Public Service Commission.


Your comments are important to us. If you have any comments or questions concerning our right-of-way program, please contact:

David Turner  Right-of-Way Coordinator     Call: (859) 936-7829