Residential EV Off-Peak Charging Pilot Program 

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Residential EV Off-Peak Charging Pilot Program (Click to review the tariff.) 

The Residential EV Off-peak Charging Program is available to end-use retail members (“retail members”) in the service territory of Inter-County Energy Cooperative and includes energy reporting from electric vehicles or compatible electric vehicle supply equipment (“EVSE”). The Residential EV Off-Peak Charging Program will be a three-year pilot ending June 30, 2026. Inter-County Energy Cooperative reserves the right to restrict the number of retail members in the pilot.

Purpose: The Residential Electric Vehicle (“EV”) Off-Peak Charging Program will encourage the reduction of growth in peak demand resulting from the adoption of EVs, allow Inter-County Energy Cooperative to utilize its system more efficiently, and promote the adoption of EVs. Eligibility To qualify for this program, the retail member’s residence must be located in the service territory of Inter County Energy Cooperative and be on their Farm and Home Service – Schedule 1, Residential Rate. The retail member must utilize Level 2 EVSE.

Eligibility may be denied when the EV or the EVSE is not compatible with or does not function properly with the energy software platform utilized for this program. The retail member may either own or rent the residence where the qualifying EVSE or EV will be charging. The retail member is responsible for obtaining the permission of the owner of the rented residence to participate in the Residential Electric Vehicle Off-Peak Charging Program.